Thursday, March 01, 2007

To hell and back

Sunday's show was something a bit different. Zaphod's hosted the annual Art and Music event, where a few local artists with a pop culture bent bring their stuff to sell and a host of musicians kick in on the audio side. The art was the sort of stuff one might find showcased in Carbon-14, and the music was too. First up, Sadie Hell. Ben Welland's regular musical partner Cindy Olberg was under the weather, and the music missed the dark undercurrent provided by her cello playing, but it still came off pretty well.

First Ben - shouting as usual.

The drum post was held by Sean Laframboise this time around.

Ben set up his chair on top of a couple of those monitor wedges (or whatever the heck they are) and remarkably enough did not tip off.

The whole lot! Minus the one who wasn't there!

Hellish action!

Sadie Hell's next show is ... tonight! And it's free to boot. Huzzay!

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