Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Inside the black cloud

Eric Vieweg put on a storming show with his hardened crew of music store employees to finish off Saturday in style. They even had a guy moshing in the front row.

Last I saw Pat Robillard he was serving as one of Steve Stacey's Stump Splitters. Here he is looking very red.

Matt Ouimet holds down the backbeat.

Bassist Andy Graham gets relegated to the gloomy other side of the post - unfortunately the smoke machine made pictures with flash a bit dodgy.

J.J. Ipsen plays his new keyboard; Marty Sobb plays his well-used Tele.

More Marty!

The aforementioned smoke machine was a tad anemic.

Shake your Telecaster!

And one last pic of Eric, conveniently silhouetted by a red floodlight.

Eric will be at Westfest in June 10, but hopefully he'll have a show or two in town between now and then.

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