Sunday, February 18, 2007

Affirmative action

As The Poets Affirm were next up. After several shows where they seemed to be heading in a more vocal-heavy direction they laid out a largely instrumental set. Most of my photos feature either Gary Udle or Cindy Olberg since I was stuck near them and my macro lens doesn't adjust for range. Unfortunately I couldn't find a good place on the other side to shoot from so these pictures are heavily slanted toward only three of the band - c'est la vie.

So here's another Gary picture!


Good thing Alex wandered into this shot.

Ben, and yet more tambourine.

More Ben'n'Cindy.

And, well, more of the same (you can sort of make Ryan out in the back - and if it weren't so dark you could see Nathan!).

And one of Adam for variety!

Just wait, next time it'll be nothing but Ryan and Nathan.

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