Saturday, February 03, 2007

Quickly now

I'm just back from a double header, so I'll post speedy-like before sleep overtakes me. First I went to End Hits to see Good2Go and Quick Fix. There was an appreciative audience of people less than half my age there to see both bands.

Good2Go went on first.

Quick Fix guitarist Niko Mantha is the son of Good2Go drummer Gilles, so this was an opportunity to hear what his dad's band sounded like playing in someone else's basement. Quick Fix then whipped through their own set of screamy rock (and incidentally, they play Babylon again tonight).

I then walked over to Babylon to see a bunch of ex-hardcore punks show off their folk and country moves. First was Dear Judah (a.k.a. Adam Solomonian of The Transit). This picture was taken sans flash at extra-slow speed. I like its impressionistic qualities.

Adam Puddington rocks it Almonte style along with the Brothers Chaffey and drummer Nick.

Brendan Flynn (at left) and his band The Terrible Liars finished things off - this was a release show for his new CD.

They pretty nearly finished me off too, I was so tired by the time 1 a.m rolled around I had to head home or pass out.

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