Thursday, February 22, 2007

You've heard it before

"I'd just like you to know that even though we have the most violent name, we're actually the least violent-sounding band on the bill tonight" said Kelly of F!ght F!ght F!ght by way of introducing the group's performance. True, that - though it would be the case for just about anyone sharing a bill with Sleeping Pilot and Elephantoms.

Sebastien from the floor. Strangely enough I was to see him just a few days later playing bass in Crowded Skies at Zaphod's. Though come to think of it going from synth rock to country rock isn't to strange for Ottawa.

Hair-swishing action!

Honest to goodness jumping action!

Hat-losing action!

Singalong action!

Some guest vocal action from an audience member for the band's theme song.

Cymbal action from Etienne!

Kelly bends strings and self.

The whole lot!

Snazzy. They have a pair of shows coming up March 10. First, they'll play End Hits first anniversary, then they're lugging their gear off to Zaphod's to perform with Go Sumo.

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