Sunday, February 25, 2007

On the edge

Crystal Clyffs - or maybe just Cliffs - are an energetic Montreal outfit who bear a passing sonic resemblance to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Many folks seem to think Rhoneil is the hottest thing since sliced bread; she certainly is pretty, but I'd say a lot of her on-stage charm stems from her otherworldly demeanour.

She doffed her poncho later in the set.

That is one seriously old school SG Mat is toting. But are those toothmarks on the headstock?

I came this close to owning a guitar much like Myles'.

Owain spent a surprising amount of time standing up for a drummer.

See what I mean?

Mauro gets credit for both bass and sass, according to the Clyffs' Myspace. Unfortunately this pic of him behind Myles is as close as I got to a decent shot of him. He was running his bass through a Maestro Fuzztain.

The whole lot in some early action!

Crystalline action!

One more of Rho - she'll be back with Missing Children March 11 at Zaphod's.

That was quite a good set; Rho talked to me later about people taking photos at shows; she mentioned how much she like Paul Galipeau's from previous visits. The band will also play April 20 at Zaphod's.

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Rhoneil said...

otherworldly? no dude, i am of this world... i'm just not in it...