Saturday, February 17, 2007

What goes up must come down

Crush Buildings mix up indie rock, hip hop and electronica in a tantalizing admixture that would fit a double bill with Islands (and, I hear, The Books). They were probably more suited to be an opening act for Grizzly Band in the latter band's youth when it was allegedly more experimental. Since the bill was so oddball (Dirty Projectors, I'm looking at you) they fit right in anyway.

Eaze and James make up the core of Crush Buildings.

Also on hand, guitarist Dan Hay.

Drummer Mike Steenbakkers.

James throws down.

Melodica action!

Building action!

A band I don't expect to sound the same next time I see them.


Anonymous said...

Hey, so you know, James is the singer of Crush Buildings. Eaze is the other guy in the blue hoodie.

A.C. said...

Dang, I got it right on my first post then reversed it for some dumb reason.I'm going to have to stop writing these things at 1 in the morning. Well, it's fixed now.