Saturday, February 17, 2007

From dad to deadly

An interesting lineup last night at Zaphod's. My Dad vs. Yours was on hand to purvey their usual high quality cinematic post rock. Montreal's Crystal Clyffs came down from Montreal to show off their new wave ramalama and Kiss Me Deadly endured the border to debut their new two-person lineup and show off some new material.

My Dad vs. Yours - and fuzzy pic or no, you can see that Kelsey McNulty made a brief return (for a couple of songs).

Crystal Clyffs' lovely singer Rhoneil (and shadowy drummer Owain).

And finally Kiss Me Deadly's Em and Adam.

All pretty fun; I particularly look forward to seeing Crystal Clyffs again (and plan to check out Rhoneil's other band, Missing Children, when they come to town March 11).

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Ruhh said...

The Clyffs were even better when they played a Halloween themed show with We Are Wolves. The crowd was quite rowdy that night. I got the feeling the band was disappointed since they were expecting the same energy level.