Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Buildings and house

You know you've had a good night when you see a great local band you're unfamiliar with, another of your local faves, and a headliner that more than lives up to its billing. (Extra bonus - their touring partners, who've also heard great things about, also rock as announced).

Crush Buildings - Eaaazzzz and James.

As the Poets Affirm's Gary Udle (and a shadowy Alex Cairncross).

Dirty Projectors are the lovechild of Bob Wiseman and Lora Logic, but without the saxophone. Dave Longstreth, left, is their musical director; on guitar is Amber Coffman.

As for Grizzly Bear, they were simply enchanting. Daniel Rossen kicked things off with a lovely tune.

Top marks for all involved ... except the guy who turned on the music as soon as GB left the stage, effectively depriving the crowd of an encore. Despite that, it's the early entry for show of the year.


Calum Marsh said...

For the record, Grizzly Bear told the sound guy that there wasn't going to be an encore - so it makes sense that he'd hit the music after the band left the stage. But I understand, it was too bad (oh well, it was late anyway).

A.C. said...

That's strange, because there was definitely an inquiry from one of the sound guys and the flautist over whether there was actually going to be an encore. But as you say it's not a huge deal. The whole encore ritual is pretty silly anyway.