Monday, February 19, 2007

Hell and goddamn

Zaphod's hosted Music and Art 5 last night. There was a bunch of pop culture artwork (and a few handicrafts - skateboards, jewelry, wristbands) and four cool bands. I passed on the art but enjoyed sets from Sadie Hell, the premiere from Burlington's The Goddamn Goddamns and The Hellbros, who played a thunderous closing set.

First up Ben and Sean; Sean will be playing soon as half of No Other Way March 1 at live Lounge, as will Sadie Hell. No Cindy, she was home with a fever.

The Goddamn Goddamns rock on a Social Distortion tip with a female singer.

The Rude Dudes set aside their usual skapunk for a cover-heavy set (which I missed a good chunk of for reasons I'll disclose later - what I did hear was fun).

Finally The Hellbros played until night-noon.

Even more killer than last time.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew, this is Chudd from the Goddamn Goddamns. I was just wondering if there was a way to access the rest of the pictures that you took of our set. You can e-mail us at
Good to hear you enjoyed the set, and i apprechiate the photographs.