Monday, March 05, 2007


The Fucking Machines were a bit off an odd choice to open for White Cowbell Oklahoma. I dare say that some of the audience solely interested in boogie (and possibly boobies) were not hep to their hardcore assault. Pity! I thought this was a pretty cool set, though I've preferred sets at The Dom and Babylon where they can get in the audience's face a bit more. Anyway, I dropped the ball a bit by sticking with my macro lens, thus these are my worst Machines pictures ever ... I should have shot a few shots with flash. Next time!

Smiley Joe action!

Smiley Dave action!

Hey, one of my pictures actually turned out in focus!

Civ yells!

Machine action!

Nuzzling action!

Non-nuzzling action!

I also took a couple of pictures of drummer John Sproull - let us never speak of them again.

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