Friday, March 23, 2007

Jes' folks

My first encounter with the recorded work of Justin Broadrick was Scum, the landmark debut from Napalm Death. I also picked up a few Godflesh albums, but hadn't really twigged to his latest project, Jesu. Compared to most of his other work, Conqueror seems to consciously strive for beauty. It's a lot less noisy than works like Merciless, and Justin's vocals sound like something off a shoegazer album. If I had to choose the band whose work Jesu seems closest to it would probably be My Bloody Valentine (I gather just about everyone else would choose MBV, too).

Diarmuid Dalton rocks the four strings.

A very murky picture of drummer Danny Walker ... I gather work permit problems kept regular skinsman Ted Parsons from joining the North American leg of the tour.

Justin bends!

The whole lot!

Jesu action!

And more Justin. Much more, actually.

I heard some grumbling about their set post-show, though at the time the audience seemed pretty receptive. I thought they were good, but I confess to preferring the music over the headphones.

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