Friday, March 09, 2007

General strike

The night finished off with a fine set from Les Allumettes. I could say more but it's 2:39 a.m. as I type and my brain stopped working half an hour ago - at least.

The whole lot!

I've known Andy for several years, since he used to man the cash at Organized Sound where I bought too many CDs to count - he had this slightly bemused expression on his face a good 25% by my estimation.

Jordanna sings!

Nina sings! I have a slightly more flattering version of this picture you can see on Flickr (at least for a while ...) that couldn't be cropped nicely for ye olde blog.

More Jordanna!


Singalong action!

Les Allumettes expand the borders of merchandising with some monogrammed cupcakes. Actually, they were free. I ate an "L".

"I'm not sure this is dancing music" Natasha said during their set. But apparently it is martial arts music! Luce faces off with the mysterious "Man from Amsterdam."

Er, okay then!

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