Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I second that emotion

Ennuie frazzled my brain a tad the first time I saw them - a shouty, slightly herky-jerky duo. On that occasion they were opening for The Solid Senders and Pas Chic Chic and were a bit of an odd match. They were a much better fight this time around.

The whole lot! Okay, so there's only two people in the band ...

Luca rocks the Ibanez.

Speak'n'Spell action with Ivana! Well, it's actually a VTech Little Smart Alphabet Desk, but same kind of deal.

There was also a somewhat abortive Spice Girls cover.

Luca gets down on the harp.

Ennuie action!

Their next two gigs are at Roosters Cafe at Carleton University as part of the Ms. G Project March 8 and a return engagement at Zaphod's opening for Think About Life and Cliffs (a.k.a. Crystal Clyffs) April 20.

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