Saturday, March 10, 2007

From here to there

I would like to say I saw two separate shows last night, but it wouldn't be the strict truth. I missed almost all of The Love Machine's opening set for The Most Serene Republic, missed four-stroke (a bad habit I shall strive to avoid in future) and skipped out on the second half of Blackball's set due to the onrushing effects of sleeplessness. If you want to be mathematical about it, I actually saw seven-sixths of a show.

Zaphod's was pretty packed; Love Machine has a lot of local fans, I hear, and a good chunk of them must have been on hand. Unfortunately I only caught part of one song, and the few photos I snapped from the back of the club's dance floor were predictably second rate.

The Junction likewise drew an enthusiastic response. Good performers, music wasn't my bag.

The Most Serene Republic put on a very lively show last time I saw them, and once again proved a most entertaining stage act.

The old-school punk night at Cafe Dekcuf was more up my alley. Harshey were just a couple of songs into their set when I walked in. It was a crunchy one.

Blackball ripped through their set as well. The Cafe certainly serves the louder acts it draws well when it comes to sound.

And now I'm off to an early night's sleep (which for me means 2 a.m.).

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