Thursday, March 15, 2007

More bounce to the ounce

The first time I saw The Hot Springs at Club SAW was a revelation; the next show at Irene's was a sensation. This show was very good, but the energy level was a shade lower. Singer-guitarist Giselle Webber was also coping with a sore throat. Fortunately some shots of whiskey from "pretty girls" and a "pretty boy" in the audience helped ease the suffering.

Giselle strikes a pose.

Fred and Anne consult.

Remy: "Do you like the tambourine? It is often used in rock'n'roll music, you know."

Hot action!

Back-to-back action!

As is her wont, Giselle put down her Hagstrom so she could jump around and get into the crowd.

Don't step back.

The whole lot!

And this time there was no rolling about in broken glass.

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