Saturday, March 03, 2007

How rude

Next up were The Rude Dudes. I've never seen them before, and was expecting something along the lines of punky ska. That may be their regular kick, but for this show I get the impression they were doing things a bit differently with a bunch of covers ... unfortunately I didn't really get a chance to find out what was going on or hear much since after a song or two my guts decided to start tying themselves into knots. Thus, I spent most of their set down in the washroom gassing away. Bleah. So here's a bunch of pictures and not a lot in the way of further explanation.

The only guy I know from this crew is Matty.

If the saxophone got any use I wasn't around to hear it.

Guitar action! And an inconveniently placed microphone stand.

Lyric consultation action!

Drinkin' n' drummin'.

The whole lot!

As for what they have planned, I know even less. This was a fun show seriously short on seriousness.

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