Saturday, March 17, 2007

Young Republicans

I quite enjoyed Most Serene Republic last time I saw them, and was equally, if not more entertained this go around. I might add they take a nice photograph. They drew a large crowd to Zaphod's. whiich was engaged enough by the music to sing along. At one point a lady in the front row got on stage to remonstrate with ringleader Adrian Jewett over the song selection (or something like that).

An early tete-a-tete between Adrian and Emma Ditchburn.

As before the band's other two guitarists and bassist were stuck off in the corner, though there was enough milling about to snap a good snap of one or two of them, like Sean Woolven ... Nick Greaves (at left rear) escaped me.

Simon Lukasewich, emphatic as ever.

Ryan Lenssen sings along.

And a faceoff with drummer Tony Nesbitt-Larking.


That's some trombonin' right there!

Singalong action!

Close-up singalong action!

Keyboard action!

Big finish! The first one, anyway ... I had places to go and missed whatever encore there was.

A swell show, but I wanted to get over to Cafe DeKcuf, so I skipped out at around 11 p.m. As I did, Adrian raced by me to the staff exit saying "I don't know where you're going, but I have to get there earlier!"
  • Show reminder: Two fine shows to go to tonight, both of which at Zaphod's, Man Man, Icy Demons and Quebexico are primed to put on a wild and crazy show. At Irene's, Garaga, Tokyosexwhale and Manpower will put on a heavier performance.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. The Most Serene Republic rule <3