Friday, March 02, 2007


The Goddamn Goddamns were up next. They're from Burlington and have got the 1950s 'billy style going (in part, anyway) and sound like a more rock, less roll version of Social Distortion.

Guitarist Johnny Allman fronts Burlington trio Dark Pearl.

Lizzy Trash sings lead and plays hollowbody. (That's a somewhat spectral Johnny at left).

Drummer Snarly.

Bassist Chud.

Goddamn action - goddamnit!

Liz asked the audience to raise a cheer to get the guys to take off their shirts. It was a sort of halfhearted cheer so only Chud followed through entirely.

The whole damn bunch!

I thought they were pretty good; I chatted briefly with Chud post-show and he said this was their first gig; I thought they sounded quite a bit more road-tested than that.

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