Tuesday, July 31, 2007

That's final!

My original plan to finish off Monday was to go and see Buddy Guy, but the River Stage was completely jammed during my brief reconnaissance, so I headed back to the Black Sheep Stage to see Final Fantasy. I've seen Owen Pallett twice, both at times Bluesfest. This second show didn't have the revelatory feel of a first appearance, but I was still mighty impressed by how much mileage he got out of looping his violin. He also had a nifty light show provided by animator etc. Stephanie Comilang.

Stephanie gives Owen a hand. You can just make her out operating the overhead projector to the right.

Her bit with the writing was particularly nifty and appropriate.

As was the piano.

Charming as ever; he'll be back in town in a few months, and this time you won't have to head up to Wakefield or wait for Bluesfest to see him: He'll be at the Bronson Centre Nov. 20 and tickets go on sale very soon.

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