Monday, July 09, 2007

Burning up the stage

I've seen Hot Springs about four or five times now, and they always put on a killer show. Things were no different this time. I'd say this was a particularly ferocious show - maybe the best I've seen by them.

Giselle Webber in blue (and red).

Anne Gauthier and the written word.

Remy looks up.

Fred bends on bass.

Giselle strikes a pose.

The whole lot, plus spooky lighting.

Springy action!

Giselle gets on down!

As does Remy.

Fred reaches the tipping point.

They've recorded their first full-length with Jace of Besnard Lakes at his Breakglass Studio. I can hardly wait!

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Parisian Cowboy said...

Wow, she's amazing...