Monday, July 23, 2007

Sonic boom

With a bit of downtime between Black Sheep acts I went over to see a bit of Ryan Shaw at the main stage; he wrapped things up almost as soon as I got there, so I walked on back and cooled me heels waiting for Jetplanes of Abraham to take off. Or get on. Or whatever.

The violinists started things off; here's Renee Leduc. And this is where the posts stop being in any semblance of chronological order (not that they usually are).

Chris Vechsler sings, Craig Mainprize bends a thisaway.

More Renee and Chris.

Rick Devereaux adds some percussion, Craig bends thataway.

More Craig and a bit of drummer Caleb Abott.

Happy clapping action with Jacquie Neville and Clayton Fisher!

Singalong action!

Darn fine turnout too.

I could of sworn I took more pictures. Oh well, I'll catch them again.

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