Monday, July 09, 2007

Generally electric

Thundrah! opened things up for the Fiery Furnaces-headlined show. They were called in to round out the bill after Chinese Stars had to cancel their tour. As I walked in they were just warming up with some noise manipulation before embarking on a regimen of serious distorto-dancepunk frenzy. They put on a really great show.

The evening began with some serious knob-twisting - here's an overexposed Mackenzie, face-to-face with the electronics.

Tape manipulation courtesy of Lisa Gamble, aka Gambletron.

Szofi on drums. Fiery Furnaces brough a really nice backdrop with them, too. Very wordy.

Bassist Stephen.

Lisa rocks the mic.

Aha, more dials to turn!

Thunderous action!

Gambletron goes heavy metal.

The whole lot, with Mackenzie on drums. Literally.

The end.

I bought their 12-inch on the strength of the show, and it's a great listen too. They'll be back in town August 25 for a show with Mika Miko, venue TBA.

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