Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What do the numbers say?

What to do between Jetplanes of Abraham and Toumani Diabate? Mute Math's write-up in the Bluesfest guide certainly made them sound interesting, so I popped over to catch a the latter half of their set. They were certainly fun on stage - there was a lot of action my lens didn't capture, including back-flips over the piano and jumps from the same. They're aren't the easiest act to pigeonhole. They've got their art rock side, their emo-punk side, and their Transformers soundtrack appearance side.

Paul Meany not only jumps about, he has an uncanny resemblance to Sting. And good teeth.

Guitarist Greg Hill at left.

Paul takes off! (Actually he's jumping back down).

Rhythm section action! Roy Mitchell-Cardenas plays bass, Darren King drums.

Mute action!

That is one sturdy piano - it's half keyboard, half gymnastic hurdle.

They got a excellent response from the youngish crowd.

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