Tuesday, July 17, 2007

In the beginning

With Bluesfest done and gone, it's time to start looking back at the festival that was. The first day was consumed by Van Morrison's capable performance, and since I was fairly distant from the stage there's little point in posting another picture from that gig. Day 2 was a little more interesting. My first stop on that day was the set-closing tune by As The Poets Affirm. I snapped a few pictures, almost none of which turned out well: Here are the remains.

That great big Rogers Stage.

A rather static picture of Alex.

Nathan gives it his all.

The rest were even worse. On to the River Stage, where Fairfield were warming things up Radio Birdman. As a band, I would describe Fairfield as okay; it's sincere acoustic rock. They aren't particularly to my taste. I'd put them on a bill with Tim's Myth. Then I'd go see a show somewhere else. I admire their determination to compose meaningful tunes, but I can't say it holds my attention.

Frontman Casey Marshall rocks the shades. The band is named after his B.C. hometown.

Bassist Nick Czarnogorski, in a rare photo where he isn't standing on a monitor.

Chris Caddell is an early competitor for best hair of the festival.

The whole lot!

And one more.

I have no photo of band drummer Eric Paul, mostly because he wasn't actually around for this show. I don't have a photo of his replacement either. Sorry 'bout that.

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Anonymous said...

"I'd put them on a bill with Tim's Myth. Then I'd go see a show somewhere else."

haha, ouch!