Sunday, July 29, 2007

Where'd they go?

There were a few good options for an evening's entertainment last night, but when it came time to head out the door I went downtown to Club SAW to see a show put on by i(heart)music featuring a couple of bands I hadn't seen before: The Rural Alberta Advantage and Capital Grass and The No Men. Ottawa's own Sarah Hallman provided the icing on the cake.

Readers with sharp memories may recall me wondering in print whatever happened to the 50% of the Four Frames not in Boom Creek, the Coulis brothers. They're now two-thirds of Capital Grass and The No Men, at least for this engagement. Matt Gower is the chap on banjo and vocals.

After viewing my pictures of CG&NM I decided to tinker with my camera's white balance, sucking out most of the yellow. I think you'll agree this photo of Sarah and Brian Simms is something of an improvement ...

Finally, here is two-thirds of the Rural Alberta Advantage; drummer Paul Banwatt is off to the left, but can also be seen behind the kit in my pictures from an early Club SAW show as 50% of Woodhands (who are returning to the area at the Black Sheep Inn Aug. 24, by the way).

This was an excellent show from all three bands. I thought Hallman's performance was particularly fine.

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