Sunday, July 22, 2007

Take me to the river

Jon-Rae and The River have been getting props around the country for the revival tent indie roots rock. I've been keen to see them, but everytime they've been slated to play a show around town I've been busy or away. Not this time, fortunately.

Anne Rust-D'eye rocks the primary colours.

Jon-Rae Fletcher does not.

The River has two keyboardists; I believe this is John Adjemian, but I suppose it could be Mike Stafford.

More Jon and Anne.

Dave Clarke. I took a bunch of pictures of him because he's an enthusiastic drummer. This was the only one that didn't turn out cruddy. Oh well!

Paul Mortimer flips out.

Here's the view of the Black Sheep stage from the hill that rolls up to the top of the War Museum.

Singalong action!

Rockin' action!

And one more holler as Jon-Rae lets lose.

A really lively show; I'm glad I finally caught up with them. They'll be back in the area August 23, playing - where else? - the Black Sheep Inn.

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