Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Radios appear

A couple of months before Bluesfest kicked off, but after the official list of acts had surfaced, I noticed a strange addition to the lineup: Radio Birdman! My first reaction: What the? There had been rumours they might come through town on their last, curtailed tour, but I was honestly surprised to see them finally make it here, a mere 30 or so years after the group formed.

Rob Younger in scary mode.

Deniz Tek rocks the Ric (he also used a white Fender Strat).

Chris Masuak; I got a lot of good pics of Masuak since he had the best lighting.

Russell Hopkins comes to the group from You Am I; he's a real powerhouse drummer.

My pictures of bassist Jim Dickson, left, are all sadly lacking.

Radio action!

Radio action!

A fine show indeed! After this I wandered over to the main stage to listen to Bob Dylan mumble his way through a couple of songs. He had all the cameras turned off bar one, so even on the single Jumbotron he deigned to allow to continue to operate he looked a bit distant. The sound wasn't great either. If I'd bought my ticket just for that show I'd have been mightily disgruntled - even more disgruntled than I usually am.

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great pics....great show