Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The writing's on the wall

I like The Fiery Furnaces' defiantly offbeat recorded work, but was left feeling a bit underwhelmed by their live show at last year's Bluesfest. It was just a bit too ... normal. By comparison, their show at the Capital Idea festival was a breath of fresh air. They've switched a few things around, added a percussionist and had some strong new material for the appreciative crowd.

There were a few bugs to work out with the sound system. Here's Eleanor going "Check, check" in a fab fringed jacket.

Eleanor was in good vocal form this evening.

Brother Matthew has switched over entirely to keyboards.

Jake Lowenstein plays all the guitar now. His old post on bass goes unfilled - instead he uses an octave pedal to provide the necessary low end.

A very grainy Don D'Amico and that wall.

Michael Goodman is the band's new secret weapon. His Latin percussion really kicks things up a notch.

Let's get this show on the road!

Fiery action!

And one more Eleanor picture - what can I say, she had the best lighting.

Definitely up a notch from their Bluesfest set; a new album entitled Widow City waits in the wings.

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