Sunday, July 22, 2007

Behind every good woman

I worked late last night, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to catch Tokyosexwhale's LP/CD release show. The late quit time and bike ride home meant I missed Muffler Crunch, but I did catch all of The Banditas' set. As Tokyosexwhale bassist and singer Julia noted, it's cool that three of Ottawa's loudest combos are female-fronted.

Seems like a while since I've caught Liz, Civ and Scott - unseen off to the left - on stage (it would have been May 2006 ... that's way too long ago for my liking).

The sign on J.P.'s drumhead advises the audience they can buy earplugs next door at Barrymore's. They were even more necessary than usual.

And of course I picked up a copy of their LP (on Last Drag records), which comes with a free copy of the CD ... or is that vice-versa.

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