Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Driver's test

I saw several acts at Bluesfest that delighted me. I saw many I enjoyed. A few were so-so, and one or two were bad. Faber Drive was one of those two. I could stand to listen to about two of there songs before the sheer uselessness of their music drove me off. Not only did I dislike their music, I disliked their haircuts, clothes and nail polish. I can think of only one good thing about them: The come from Mission, B.C., so hopefully we'll only be exposed to them once in a blue moon.

I forgot to mention their idiotic pseudonyms: Here's shirtless drummer "Red Bull."

At least eponymous singer-guitarist Faber has a defensible moniker. You can't say the same thing about bassist Krikit.

And here's Hinsley.

I never ever want to see or hear of them again!

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