Monday, August 20, 2007

Rain or shine

Amanda Rheaume was up next; my second sighting at Bluesfest since she performed a duet with John Allaire over on the Black Sheep Stage. She's left the Amanda Rheaume Band behind, and has collected a mostly new crowd to back her up. This was a good-sounding set - unfortunately it was also the point when the rain started to come down. Well, it couldn't be avoided forever.

Amanda and a shirt dedicated to weaponry and paintbrushes.

Jeff Logan handled the axeman duties this time around. Not that you can make him out, but Matt Babineau is Amanda's current drummer of choice.

The bassist is Janet Vachon; I'm sure (contrary to an earlier version of this post) that the violinist isn't Amanda Kreeb, so perhaps it's Colleen Searson.

Drizzled upon action!

The whole lot.

She has a new EP, If You Never Live.

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