Saturday, August 25, 2007

Oh sunny day

King Sunshine are a dance floor loving collective with a pretty frontwoman, a bit like The Souljazz Orchestra with more percussion but, alas, a bit less substance. They were fun to listen to, but the memory of being quite underwhelmed still lingers. Who are these folks? My info on King Sunshine's lineup may be a shade out of date, but here goes:

I think any reasonable person will acknowledge that Maya Chilton looks mighty snazzy in this getup. Unfortunately, I think she may be better suited as a vocalist to down tempo stuff.

Marc Shapiro. just starting to get sweaty.

Lorne Lampert is responsible for a fair chunk of the group's Caribbean sound.

Rob Bezanson was a refugee from Chasing Dagmara and Furtherstill.

Phil Cada on smiley guitar.

Roger Berman on drums and porkpie hat.

Steve Dyte on trumpet - fortunately the horn section came out to the front of the stage near the end.

The rest of the horn section: Charlie Finlay (who usually plays sax) and Christian Overton on trombone.

Clapping action!

Sunny action!

They're fun for a night out, but I'm not making a beeline for the record store. Speaking of nights out, they'll be performing at the Mercury Lounge Nov. 23.

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