Thursday, August 02, 2007

Camping out

After the horrors of Faber Drive, John Allaire's robust roots rock came as quite a relief. He had a busy time of it at BluesFest, playing harmonica with Anders Drerup at the Barney Danson Theatre, opening for Elmer Ferrer and co. at The Rainbow as a Bluesfest afterparty and of course rocking out at his own show with his band The Campistas.

There were also a few special guests: Amanda Rheaume helped sing Angels (she also appears on his new album, Ghosts of the Royal Motel).

Ditto for daughter Hillary, who sung along for Blue Skies.

BushPilot Kevin Smith ... come to think of it, the Bushpilots' new CD also has motel in the title.

I think Jeff Tanguay has been exposed to too many Billy Idol videos.

Normally Tanguay plays bass ... Dave Wong filled out the rhythm section this time around.

Howard takes a break from the keyboards to toot his own horn.

Camping action!

Allaire and Co. will be performing at Zaphod's Sept. 13.

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