Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back to the Bordello

There are some bands in this world that really demand they perform in a venue where they can get close enough to the audience to sweat on them. Gogol Bordello is definitely among them, so a daylight show at Bluesfest's Rogers Stage wasn't a good a venue as Barrymore's to catch them live, but they still had the crowd shaking their stuff (and if they didn't, the massive bass sound would shake it for them).

Eugen Hutz, manic frontman.

Sergey Ryabtsev tries out the basic black.

Accordion player Yury Lemenshev and his main squeeze.

Guitarist Oren Kaplan is still on board, but they have a newish bassist, Thomas "Tommy T" Gobena, who hails from Ethiopia.

Aren't you glad they also still have dancing percussionists and washboard players Pamela Racine and Elizabeth Sun with them? Eugene certainly is.

Elizabeth grabs the mic.

Tommy T brings the noise.

I think Sergey is trying to put the moves on Elizabeth.

Bordello action!

There was a bit of stage-climbing from Eugene.

Guitarist Oren Kaplan moves in for some of that singalong action.

The red bucket: Percussion instrument ...

... and stylish fashion accessory.

No surfing the crowds on the big drum ... Pamela can still give it a few whacks, though.

Just like last time, I didn't get any good pictures of drummer Elliot. Apologies to Elliot and all Elliot fanciers.

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