Sunday, August 19, 2007

The invisible man

My first encounter with Amos the Transparent came half a year ago when they performed at Zaphod's in late January. They impressed me a lot then, and I enjoyed them just as much on the rather grim second Saturday at Bluesfest (more than a month ago, now!).

Josh Chandler gives a howl.

Ana Miura shakes a gourd.

A windswept Kelsey McNulty was over on the right playing piano and occasional percussion.

Steve Bragg and his oh-so-Italian guitar.

More percussion from Ana, and a more in focus Cam McLellan and Mark Hyne.

It really was a windy day.

Most of the whole lot.

Steve does it the Jimmy Page way.

Ana eggs on Josh.

Unfortunately there was too much on stage clutter to get a good picture of drummer Chris Wilson. They'll be holding a show at month's end - Aug. 30, Zaphod's, to be precise - to release their new CD.
  • Show reminder: Male Nurse once again plays the Manx Pub.

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