Thursday, August 16, 2007

Up and down

Sebastien Grainger has gone from the unusual and ear-busting bass'n'drums combo DFA 1979 to ear-pleasing but unsurprising work with Les Montagnes. Nick Sewall - sometimes seen making big noises with The Illuminati - plays bass, while Leon Taheny - formerly seen making loud noises with SS Cardiacs - plays the drums. With a lineup like that I would have expected something a little less straightforward than Grainger and Co.'s emotive garage rock, but no complaints since it all sounded nice enough. A short set.

Sebastien is a hat person.

Nick rocks the hair, as he has been known to do.

Leon prepares for a double whammy.

Mountainous action!

Rump-shaking action!

Sebastien gets down.

... and tips right over.

Hat-appropriating action!

Nick shakes it.

And some last-minute feedback.

Good, but I just know they've got more in them.

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