Saturday, August 18, 2007

By any measure

It's been a few years since I saw Metric open for Broken Social Scene. Since that 2003 show I've seen a song or two from them at Bluesfest, but never felt the urge to stick around for a full set. Things changed this year, in part because the other options were INXS on the main stage or Ten Years After at the Black Sheep Stage, but mostly because by the time Built to Spill had finished their set a massive crowd had materialized behind me and there was no escape. I'm a little surprised the pictures from this show turned out as well as they did, considering I was stuck in the middle of a surging crowd and the lighting was rotten. At least I got to take a few pictures after the first two songs: The official photographers were banished from the space between the barrier and the front of the stage after two tunes. With good reason; besides any shyness on the part of the band, the space had to be nice and clear so the security people could hoist the showgoers who surfed over peoples heads (mine included) over the barrier to freedom. I'm not sure what purpose all the pushing and shoving serves, but the audience seemed to enjoy it. For my part I almost sprained my wrist hanging on to the barrier for dear life.

An early picture taken while fiddling with settings. Someone must have used a flash.

Metric action! With James Shaw, Joules Scott-Key and Josh Winstead.

Emily Haines is looking more like Madonna by the day. Maybe it's the hoodie.

As before, Winstead was getting a very punchy sound.

James Shaw in the aforementioned rotten lighting.

I wish this picture had turned out a little more in focus, but such is life.

And that's that. I think next time I'll stay clear. I'm not a huge fan, and I don't fancy being trampled to death - although that would be preferable to seeing INXS.

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