Thursday, July 19, 2007

Horning in

Friday, July 7 was my Afrobeat night. Apart from listening to a bit of Gary U.S. Bonds, it was nothing but sub-Saharan stomp, sax and sizzle for my eardrums (the rest of me was kept nicely chilled by the breeze off the Ottawa River). When I arrived at the River Stage Ottawa's own Souljazz Orchestra was just starting up. It's a good thing I finally got around to seeing them - they used to have a regular residency at Babylon just a few blocks from my abode and I never got around to catching them ... maybe when they return for a gig in October.

Since I saw cruelly neglected the brass in my teaser post, I'd better kick things off with a few pictures of the horn section: Ray Murray and Zakari Frantz.

Steve Patterson plays some biting sax.

Philippe Lafreniere got rhythm.

Pierre Chretien gets organized.

Marielle Rivard shakes some calabash.

I still haven't found out who their guitarist was - sorry! (Addendum: With help from poster Caitlin I've IDed him as Gabriel Bronfman, who plays in People Project with Philippe and Steve).

The audience amuses Marielle.

More sax!

The eyes have it.

Clapping action!

More Pierre!

More Marielle!

They're back in Ottawa for the Folk Festival Aug. 16 and Les Rythmes Tremblant Aug. 19.


Anonymous said...

The guitarist kind of looks like Gabriel Bronfman. He's the Mexican member of People Project [Philippe from Souljazz's other band], so he's not always in Canada. But he's here for the summer, at least.

A.C. said...

Having checked out People Project's Myspace I'll go out on a very short limb and say it's him - either that, or there are two guitarists out there with the very same hat.