Tuesday, May 01, 2007

This is your mind, on

I own about three dozen albums by Acid Mothers Temple and its multitude of offshoots. You don't have to be Einstein to guess that last night I was at Babylon, watching three brain-blistering sets from local greats Castor (putting on the finest show that I've yet witnessed from them), fab California psych heavyweights Mammatus (you may recall me praising their debut a while back) and of course, the masters of acid rock destruction, Acid Mothers Temple.

Castor, or at least Will and Dave, plus a few youngsters.

Mammatus. Hair, lumberjack shirts, distortion, they have it all!

Acid Mothers Temple. Oh, so fine.

In case you're wondering, Kawabata has just spied a new way to torture his guitar. More pictures (I took far too many) shall appear in a while. I worked up quite a backlog, going to 14 shows in April.

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