Saturday, May 26, 2007


Off to Club SAW for a most eclectic and entertaining show. We've got piano pop, dance-rock and m'bira from an Adorable. To wit:

Pop cabaret artist Glenn Nuotio, seen here singing of long-distance loving and prescription medication - thus the pill projection backdrop.

Last time I saw Dan Werb he was playing keyboards with Spitfires and Mayflowers. Here he is, still playing keys but this time with electro dance-rock duo Woodhands.

Laura Barrett - last seen with Henri Faberge and Co. - rounded things off with her thumb-piano (she also had one of those bass-pedal thingamajigs and Ajay Mehra to play glockenspiel).

I'd also add the turnout was excellent: About 80 people, I'd guess.

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Anonymous said...

Not too far from 80, actually -- counting performers and guestlisters, there were about 100 people. And thanks for coming out to it!