Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ladies' night

I bought Ladyhawk's eponymous debut last year, and it was easily one of my favourite records of 2006 in all its Dinosaur Jr./Neil Young-loving glory. I dare say a number of folks who turned out for their Barrymore's performance a while back came for them and not the headliners, Tapes'n'Tapes. The band treated them to a brisk run through their material which did the record proud. The only caveat came from the photographic point of view; the light was quite low and thus the pictures I took are all blurry, grainy and somewhat hairy. In other words, they suit the band perfectly.

Duffy Driediger has an endearing bleat of a voice.

Bassist Sean Hawryluk in a rare, non-hair-shaking moment.

Drummer Ryan Peters. There are a lot of vocalists in this band.

Guitarist Darcy Hancock.

Singalong action!

See what I mean about the hairshaking?

And so on.

Hawkish action!

The whole lot!

They have a new EP out. The only disappointment is that they didn't bring their album cover letters on tour with them ...

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