Saturday, May 05, 2007

Temple of sound

Priestess: They like Ottawa and Ottawa likes them, as evidenced by the good turnout for this gig. Attending was a bit of a last-minute thing for me since I got home about midnight and they're a band I've seen a bunch of times; I could probably sing their songs backward by now if I didn't have a memory like a hunk of Swiss cheese. Anyway, I'm glad I decided to nip over to Babylon. They put on a great set (I'm guessing the wee bit at the beginning I missed was as good as the rest), and I'm not tired of them yet.

Mikey Heppner gets his sweat on. I've noticed at the last couple of Babylon shows I've been to that things are getting noticeably more humid when there's a big crowd. It's not quite as bad as when DFA 1979 played, but we're definitely heading into summer.

Vince Nudo goes grrrr!

Dan Watchorn sings.

Mike Dyball, right, back in black.

Monitors: Still mostly for standing on.

I'm not sure a band with this much difficulty seeing where it's going should move around as much as these guys.

And rock action!

They hit Britain in June for a tour with Megadeath ... then perhaps it's time to sit down and record album No. 2?

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