Friday, May 11, 2007

Play another number

Next up at Kelp's 13th, hot instrumental combo The Flaps. Been a while since I've seen them live - October last was the previous occasion, and they were missing dapper dresser Martin Newman on bass. Anyway, they knocked out a bunch of their classy tunes, and Pat Lawlor made the occasional funny face. They also played one song so new it didn't have a name - just a numeral designation.

John Higney closes in on the keys.

Jamie taps a bit of cymbal.

Rhythm section action!

The whole Flappy lot!

Instrumental action!

I had to try at least one bounced flash photo - the Navy Club's not a bad place of that sort of thing.

Impressive as always (they also made a new fan in Brockway Biggs).

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