Tuesday, May 01, 2007

All right now

Harshey's night of musical adultery ended with drummer Jon Kiely's other outfit, The Allr!ghts. (Or I should say, one of his other outfits, since he also drums in four-stroke.) The Allr!ghts feature rootsy, rowdy rock - they've already admitted they like The Replacements, and covered The Rezillos' Someone Going To Get Their Head Kicked In and Highway 101 and The Band's Lonesome Suzie.

His partners in crime: Two Daves, Banoub and Tough.

And Mel Sturk and Chris Cook (also of Run Stop Restore and Tallships).

Mel plays a little harp.

Singalong action!

Jon sings!

Dave's strap came loose - a fine opportunity to show off a few moves.

All right action!

Mel and Chris sing!

Dave and Mel sing!

Dave sings!

Big finish!

The whole lot!

The set list, for those of you who like such things.

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Anonymous said...

If you look closely at the setlist you can see the chords for the songs and play along at home!