Thursday, May 17, 2007


California's Mammatus are named after the bulbous lobes that sometimes bulge from the underside of clouds. And their music is occasionally bulbous, and also lobular - it's loaded with splattery sonic excess, overblown wah, bowel-crushing riffs and massively reverbed vocals. They're like a freakish combination of Dead Meadow and Sleep.

Nicky's under there somewhere.

Mike does the twist.

Chris on bass ... you may notice a certain sartorial similarity among the cloudy ones.

Thundering drummer Aaron skipped the lumberjack shirt.

This picture sums up Mammatus pretty well, I'd say.

Cumulonimbular action!

"Next up, Acid Mothers Temple ... WEL-WEL-WEL-COME THEM-EM-EM!!!"

The whole lot!

Bass-grinding action!

And a bit of gentle tootling at the finale.

Listening to their first album again, I'm reminded of how much they sound like Santa Cruz's answer to Castor - no wonder those guys all dug each other.

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