Monday, May 14, 2007

Print the legend

Next up on the Dr. Dog bill was Tim's Myth. I had heard the name around town, and they made a bit of a splash with their prizewinning run for $350,000 in local "alternative" radio station Live 88.5's Big Money Shot. They were a lively stage act, but musically? Nope, not for me. It was a bit funky, a bit folky. I heard a lot of bass.

Kazoo action! With Tim's Myth singer and guitarist Tim.

Guitarist Stuart Rutherford shows off a few moves.

Drummer Mike Clarke.

Bassist Brent Hamilton.

Mythical action!

Back-to-back ... how rock! Or not.

Rhythm section action!

The whole lot!

Their next scheduled date in town is July 1: They'll be part of Live 88.5's Canada Day celebrations at the Capital Music Hall's parking lot.

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