Friday, May 25, 2007

A bunch of punks (2)

I flipped a coin over Zaphod's vs. Babylon last night - well, actually I checked out Call Me Poupee's Myspace and decided I didn't really fancy their beatbox Tex-Mex garage rock and strolled a couple of blocks to see a quintent of punk rock bands in assorted flavours instead: Million Dollar Marxists, Hostage Life, Knucklehead, Last Communion and Healing Power. The variety was indeed interesting.

First up, Halifax quartet Healing Power. Fractured punk and a cover of The Undertones' Teenage Kicks.

Local foursome Last Communion was more in the screamy hardcore vein.

Knucklehead: Working class punk rock quintet from Calgary. Kyle's cloth cap says it all.

Next, the smart and well-muscled punk of Hostage Life.

Finally, the New Wave-damaged rock of them Marxists.

There was a bit less chaos this time, and one less keyboard since some rotter pinched it.

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