Friday, May 04, 2007

People get ready

I saw People for Audio at Irene's about a year ago. They accompanied a slide projection in the darkened room, playing what I called "melancholy music for cinema." This time around, they were a lot more active, and a lot louder! It was a killer set that really tied together the sounds by the opening bands.

Bassist Alex Formosa and Curtis Stone spent a lot of time rocking out.

It seemed to me there was a lot more singing as well. Here's Adam Fiore, slide in hand.

Keiko Devaux on the keys.

Drummer Bill Hesselink in blue.

Alex and Curtis during a quieter moment near the start of the show (shot with my macro lens and without flash).

And during a less quiet moment!

Adam Fiore slides.

Alex Formosa (who I don't recall being on stage last time, but it was mighty dark so I may well be mistaken) and Curtis Stone rock out yet more.

Curtis mans the keys.

Singalong action with Adam and Keiko.

The whole blurry lot!

They ended the show with a cover of The Beatles' I Want You (She's So Heavy) dedicated to Rolf Klausener. "This proves that contrary to rumours that we have a sense of humour ... and that it isn't a very good one," said drummer Bill.


Josee said...

I was hoping you would have been at the Daniel Johnston show.

A.C. said...

Had to work; I got home at about the same time the show was ending.