Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Guys and Doll

Phew, what a turnout for a free Monday show at Zaphod's! Last time I saw that large a crowd for a Beeblebrox freebie was probably for Hot Hot Heat. All the more remarkable since it was for a night of hard'n'heavy rock

The Unavowed played their first show; solid growly punk-metal.

Doll are another newish Ottawa band who like L7 and grunge. They also brought a pair of cute dancers.

The Mighty Eagle Band really turned things up a notch with a particularly hard-hitting set.

Heck of a way to clear out the ol' ear drums.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,

It's Nick from The Unavowed. Could you contact us at sticknick @ gmail.com.

We'd really like to see your other photos from the show.

Thanks in advance!